Harry Potter Complete

7 Harry Potter HARDCOVER Books Complete Series Collection Box Set Lot Gift

7 Harry Potter HARDCOVER Books Complete Series Collection Box Set Lot Gift
7 Harry Potter HARDCOVER Books Complete Series Collection Box Set Lot Gift
7 Harry Potter HARDCOVER Books Complete Series Collection Box Set Lot Gift

7 Harry Potter HARDCOVER Books Complete Series Collection Box Set Lot Gift   7 Harry Potter HARDCOVER Books Complete Series Collection Box Set Lot Gift

Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set: Books #1-7. We have a proven track record over the years.

We have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the world. So that buyers can receive items quickly and on time. From his first appearance as a young orphan entering Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to his final showdown with Voldemort, Harry Potter has become one of the most cherished characters in history.

Now, collectible hardcover editions of all seven books in J. Rowlings phenomenal bestselling saga are snugly packed in a decorative, trunk-like box with sturdy handles and a privacy lock, accompanied by decorative stickers. Harry Potter: Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set: Books #1-7 (Other). Age Range: 8 - 99 Years.

Author: J K Rowling; Inc Scholastic; J K Rowling. Title: Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set: Books #1-7. Embled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.00 x 15.00 x 10.00 Inches (US).

Loved the realistic case and how nice the hard covers were! Love the details of the each sticker sent with the books.

Can't pass up this incredible gift! Beautiful boxed set makes a fantastic gift plus this is the best price anywhere! Old wine in a new bottle. Is that bottle shiny or what?? -D Extremely immersive and addictive.

So if you are thinking of picking it up set aside a week or so and binge on it. Was not a fan of the suitcase. Cheaply made, its card board, and was ripped in a few places. But I guess I didn't read the description very well.

The cardboard trunk is great and it comes with stickers to put on it. Looks just like the ad picture. They are way better than.

They are way better than the movies and I love the movies. First time a book every made me cry and I had read alot before then. My husband got me these for my 25th birthday.

I have been a Harry Potter fan from the first book release in the U. This is a magical box, and if you look in the cardboard on the right, there are stickers in there to decorate the trunk. While I have not removed the plastic sheeting covering the books nor opened the books, since this is a gift, it is a very nice looking set. I had to return a set to a giant online chain retailer because they had thrown the chest in an oversized outer box with a tiny slip of packing paper, and it arrived damaged.

Late in arriving to Stati. I read them on my Kindle and decided these books needed to be read over and over, just as my Hobbit set, which is just about worn out! Got this for my daughter as a gift. The luggage case thing it came in was one of her favorite parts. But the box isn't what I expected it to be for that price.

Lovely boxed set of books. Great for an Potter enthusiast. Everything I expected at a better price than anywhere else. Great if you know what to expect. The box that holds the books is cardboard but still pretty sturdy.

I wouldn't hold the box by the string handles but they are a nice touch. The books fit really well inside and everything arrived undamaged.

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. Bought this for my daughter in law for her birthday as shes a harry potter fan she was so excited! These are a keepsake set. My kids love these books, and we are reading through the books again now!

Scholastic doesn't stand behind products. Half way through book 3 the spine broke apart from the cover. Contacted scholastic and they would not replace.

Poor quality and cardboard case. Based on other reviewers, I already expected the cover case to be a glorified cardboard box -- which it was. The hardcover books on the other hand were of good quality. Excellent my daughter love it. So this is nice and it is nice to have the original cover art, however the books are glued to the binding and not sewn so they aren't very good quality. That is my only hang up on the books. The trunk is kind of cute but won't be keeping it....

Just wanted the books in hardback... Still just disappointed that they are glued... Wish it was better quaility.

Picture of thicker book is the Harry Potter book that is glued and the other pic is a book that has the binding that is sewn to see the difference in quality. Beautiful trunk, cardboard but pretty and nice place to store the books in. Great quality I love it.

Sent on time, great quality. Christmas present for a grandson who absolutely LOVES to read. He was thrilled with the set if books! It made my heart happy to see his face when he opened his gift.

A wonderful gift for English as a Second Language adults and teens alike! Looks great and should last a long time.

My little one is an avid reader and loved it. This is a quality product at the lowest price around. I compared prices, and couldn't find a better deal. Very beautifully designed storage chest. Great gift for a Harry Potter fan! I bought this for my daughter and she was so excited and loved it! Came in box labeled what it is. Ruined Christmas for my wife.

Box was labeled on all 4 sides'Harry Potter Box Set'. At least Amazon would have warned me that the box may reveal the contents. Other than that, it was well priced.

She will be so happy with the boxed set, but it was delivered with Harry potter in big letters on the outside of the box. They came 2 days before it was guaranteed to be delivered. The carrying box it comes in is perfect. The only issue I had with it is that the outer box that it was mailed in said Harry Potter on it.

If this had been a gift for someone who lives in my household it would have been a very big downside. I would definitely recommend purchasing this box set for any Harry Potter fan. Bought this series as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She's going to Love it. Well packaged and arrived on time.

Excited for Christmas to see her face. The chest is cute, but is very cheaply made. Great idea and it all seems pretty good.

My only issue is the box is cardboard. Would've been much nicer if it was plastic or even cheap, thin wood. Overall, it is a good deal. The collection of Harry Potter books is awesome. Bought as a Christmas gift and it looks great!

Only complaint is it came in a box that says Harry Potter years 1-7 and my mom almost saw it. This boxed gift set is very nice and I gave as a gift.

Got this at a great price, lower than Amazon. This was bought as a Christmas gift for a 15 year old girl, can't wait to see the excitement when she opens it. The'chest' seems to be sturdy, good way to keep all the books together. She has always loved anything Harry Potter. The hard cardboard case is nice and sturdy.

I only wish it had been wood. I can't wait for her to open this gift on Christmas. She's going to love it. Have not opened it yet so cannot comment in the contents. This is the perfect gift for Christmas!

The box that this gift was delivered in clearly says'Harry Potter Box Set 1-7' on the outside. If the gift is for someone you live with, have it delivered somewhere else, be there when it's delivered or pick it up at the store so you don't ruin the surprise. This was a gift for my daughter. She has been wanting the hardback ecitions and the price was the best on the internet. She lives out of state so I was able yo have ot shopped directly to her for free.

Really fast and accurate and very secure packing. Everything arrived in excellent condition. Going to make an AWESOME Xmas gift my son. A gift for my daughter, and she loved it.

I couldn't believe how fast I received the order. I would order from here again.

This is an awesome set. The only thing I didn't like was the chest was a little cheaply made.

Have to be careful with it. I wish the box had been made of wood not cardboard. New hardcover books in shrink-wrap, sturdy cardboard'chest,' brought my newly converted potterhead best friend so much joy!

Perfect , they even came a day early. Is there anything to say.

Is there anything to say that hasn't already been said? Ever since I saw the first movie I admit I hadn't picked the book up before that; I heard a lot about it but just.. , I straightaway went to the nearest bookstore (right after the movie, I might add), and got my first Harry Potter book: The Sorcerer's Stone. After finishing that one, I was even more hooked, so I went and got the rest of it, and made sure to pre-order the rest before they were launched.

As a result, I've become one of the biggest, 24-year-old Harry Potter nerd, up till today. Now, I have both the UK and US versions of all 7 books. Giving it as a x-mas gift to granddaughter. It came so quick and was the cheapest price compared to other prices on line! Great price for the collection for any HP fan. Would have liked To of seen better quality in the box they box they come in. The box is pretty well build (for being some kind of high-end cardboard) and also well decorated, a lot of detail. The books themselves have good bindings and good paper quality. Did not know it had content details on the box. Not able to surprise my wife. It's an OK set. Cheap material but if you're a potter head you won't care that much. They came in perfect condition. All the books in one box, love it. It will make a good gift. This is a nice product, makes a nice gift. I wish it had a wooden box instead of corrugated box.

This set makes a great gift! Some reviews site that the box is cardboard and flimsy. As long as you realize it is cardboard, it's wonderful. It's reasonably sturdy and looks amazing. Harry Potter Boxed Set 1-7.

I bought this for my grandson for his birthday. It arrived 2 days early. The case makes the gift special and a real keepsake. Excellent gift for those that love to read.

I could not find this anywhere else for this price and convenience. I was so excited when my package arrived, I swiftly opened it only to see that the cover art on the last book was slightly off. When I took out the book and opened it, I realized they had sent another copy of book 4 with a damaged book 7 sleeve.

Hoping for no problems this time around. Came in good condition, and only a day late. Also, the cheapest price you'll probably get for this boxed set. Harry Potter boxed book set. I've wanted the HP book set for a while, and when I finally got around to purchasing them I discovered that the book art had changed.

I ordered this set because of the original book cover art. It is exactly as described.

I have no need for the chest it came in, but it is of decent quality for what it is. The lid actually latches, the books are shrinkwrapped inside, and it comes with a booklet of stickers - good for those into scrapbooking or to decorate the exterior of the chest with. My daughter had been asking for this set, and she finally got it! She loves that it is in its own storage trunk!

I gave this set to my 23 year old daughter who grew up on Harry Potter and who is still to this day a HUGE fan of all things Hogwarts, from the books to the movies. The presentation is very clever. The books are in a Hogwarts trunk giving it a real WOW factor. Price was great and was delivered within a reasonable time frame. My son was thrilled with getting his own set of all the Harry Potter books.

The case is cardboard with a cheap lock, but that's what I expected to get. The books are what you're paying for and it's a better deal than trying to go out and get them individually. Great gift cant wait to read.

Haven't read them but very excited great gift. As Described BUT Bad Packaging for X-mas Gift.

The product is exactly as described. However, it arrived the week before Christmas in a box that says'Harry Potter Book Set 1-7' all over it in large bold print. So as soon as my daughter saw it on the front porch she knew what it was. That was very disappointing and ruined the Christmas morning surprise. Fancy replacement set for my wife.

I bought this for my wife for the holidays. The books are the hardback original covers which my wife favors. The box is OK being just thick cardboard and it does look nice. Even a cheap wood would have been betterthough. Overall it is a nice display piece depending on how long the box manages to last. Is great, but would be even greater if box was wood, and if covered in leather (could be fake) this would be awesome!

Would gladly pay more for that. I thought about reviewing each book separately, but didn't believe I could do each book any justice by that approach. This is a series that needs to be enjoyed in its entirety. Starting at the beginning is always a very good place to start, so we get an introduction to the main characters in the Sorcerer's Stone. We go to Hogwarts with Harry and company, meet the villain Voldemort.

Then we experience the growth of each of the characters over the years, through the thrilling conclusion in book 7. We accompany them to their first day of class, their first dance, first competition...

All while learning about their extraordinary world of magic. If you are one of the few people on Earth who has still not read these books, correct a grievous error on your part and get started...

The box isn't actual wood, but the hardcovers are well worth the extra cost. My Granddaughter (age 18) Has gon through two sets of Harry Potter books. She has read them so often she broke the bindings. She was THRILLED with the set and also the valise they were packed in.

Great set of books at the right price! I saw similar hard cover books in the trunk and it was so expensive. I was so glad that I found this set and Wal-Mart had it at the right price. We got it for our daughter who loves the movies and has been dying to read the books.

She was so excited to unwrap this on Christmas morning. She loved the trunk and the fact that she got the complete set of Harry Potter in hard cover. The books were delivered in an excellent time frame. The books and the chest were in great condition. The chest was made of cardboard, I didn't realize that when looking at it on line.

It was a Christmas present, that person was thrilled to get it. Great item for my daughter. This set is very hardy, it takes up a decent amount of space. Love the case that comes with hardback.

This is the set ticket if your huge Harry Potter fan. A Christmas present for my son. Delivered with the product name on the side of the box. Big fail at Christmas time when it is evident a present! My 12 y/o daughter loves it! Got this set for my 12 y/o daughter for Christmas.

The box isn't as sturdy as I'd hoped, but I did read reviews before I bought the set, so I was prepared. The books do have book covers on them. Maybe a little spendy, but worth it. Even though my daughter read all of the books previously, she's reading them again.

Beautiful boxed set was the perfect gift for my adult son. The books are exactly what I wanted and expected: the hardbound copies of all seven Harry Potter books. Now this'chest', which I really should have read more on the details, is just a prefabricated cardboard (and not even a quality cardboard) folded chest with a cheap plastic latch to keep it shut. If I hadn't gotten this at such a great deal on this set, I would be horribly and sorely disappointed. It is a beautiful set!

My daughter has a tradition of reading them every Christmas break. Sometimes electronically sometimes checking out the books from the library.

She has always said she wanted a set of the hardbacks to keep. She is in college now and absolutely LOVED this beautiful set when I gave it to her! She has already decorated the trunk with the included stickers : She intends to keep the set to read each year and pass them down to her own children eventually. They are very good quality. The story of orphaned boy who discovers he is wizard and his adventures in the wizarding world. After picking up The Sorcerer's Stone I was hooked and this entire series inspired me to become engaged in reading after years of assigned reading in school. This series is appropriate for many age groups, however it does become dark(er) as the story progresses and I think adults reading these books may get something out of them that children do not and vise-versa. I highly recommend this series and would encourage anyone to read the books first prior to viewing the films.

Harry Potter and his frie. Harry Potter and his friends attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry and proves himself to his family who does not like him very well.

He is a legacy because of his parents and skills prove it. Always my favorite books of all time! Super nice set for a gift!

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    7 Harry Potter HARDCOVER Books Complete Series Collection Box Set Lot Gift   7 Harry Potter HARDCOVER Books Complete Series Collection Box Set Lot Gift